Blogger Faves

My inspirations, my loves!

I wouldn’t be where I am without the incredible work of the bloggers who have come before me.

Vegan, plant-based, oil free (and pretty sure mostly gluten-free as well) but NOT flavor-free! Eating this way, you never have to compromise on deliciousness, and these recipes are no exception.

Check out:

Brandis incredibly decadent recipes at The Vegan 8.

Chucks inventive and delicious recipes at  Brand New Vegan..

Will‘s simple and yummy recipes at  Potato Strong.

Kathy‘s varied and creative recipes at Kathy’s Vegan Kitchen.

It will take me some time to get my own recipes and content up, as I’m currently traveling, so I don’t want to leave anyone hanging! I don’t usually cook from recipes- I usually throw something together based on the ingredients I have, but these have been the best blogs in my transition to plant-based eating. I hope you find some delicious recipes you like.