What I Eat

I eat whole plant foods. T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell defines it really well- if you’re interested, click here!

Forks Over Knives also defines it here and offer a guide to start eating here.

Basically, my plate is divided (and usually mixed together 🙂 ) with 4 kinds of foods as recommended by the PCRM: fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. No processed stuff, no added oils. Everything natural. You’d never be able to imagine how many recipes and delicious dishes can come together with these four kinds of food. I mean, there are tons of fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes though.

For breakfast I usually eat oatmeal and soymilk and fruit, overnight oats, or potatoes and veggies if I want a more hearty breakfast.

For lunch or dinner, I eat anything from rice bowls or potato bowls with beans or lentils and veggies, with fruits as dessert, to some of the more elaborate meals I cook when I have time. Chili, lentil dahls, potato tacos, stir fry meals, and tomato sauce are some of my favorites.

This picture was taken when I first moved into my first ever off campus home. It was an amazing home (I miss it so much I am tearing up just thinking about it) and one of my roommates brought this wire set of drawers into the kitchen. She didn’t have too much stuff, so I asked if I could take the big bottom drawer for my potatoes. My roommates and all of my friends who came over would laugh at me, but I liked stocking up and only having to buy things weekly that I needed to.