Health & Humanity

Veganism is inextricably interwoven with race, class, and gender.

In everyday life, businesses view animals as commodities- bodies to make money off of. Most people are OK with this- they buy their meat, cheese, and eggs, from their supermarket, order a burger or go out to ice cream with friends. But while we give money to these industries, they view US just the same, as commodities to make money off of. Though the link might not seem apparent from the start, it is there. As we continue to eat animals, we are part of a system that is oppressive to not just other animals, but other humans, and our earth as well. 

Here is a great article written after the election: Trump, Meat, and Moral Failure: Coming to Terms with this Election by Prasanna Rajasekaran

I am no expert on this, but I try to learn from the best.

Here are some resources:

The Sistah Vegan Anthology from A. Breeze Harper is incredible. She is brilliant and well-versed. Check her out. Here is a link on Food Deserts, which is one of the biggest issues, where there is little to no opportunity for health because of issues of race and class.

Food Deserts 101

Stay tuned for John Lewis aka Bad Ass Vegan‘s, collaboration with Cowspiracy & What the Health creators, documentary Hip-Hippocrates that will explore this more in depth.

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