Debunking Worries & Myths

General Myths

Worried about FOOD and not getting enough protein or calcium, or eating too many carbs?

Dr. Michelle McMacken debunks some of the worries and myths regarding vegan diets here

Protein Myths

PCRM addresses The Protein Myth

For amazing in-depth information on the ways we have been misled in a multitude of ways, check out Dr. Garth Davis’ book Proteinaholic. I can’t recommend it more.

Dairy Myths

PCRM’s Health Concerns about Dairy Products

This video from Vox is on the milk industry. 

Calcium Myths

PCRM’s Protecting Your Bones

Strength myths 

PCRM’s Food Power for Athletes

PCRM’s Vegetarian Foods: Powerful for Health

Soy myths

PCRM’s Soy and Health


PCRM’s Health Concerns About Eggs

Question: How can I live without eggs?

PCRM’s Cooking Without Eggs

Explaining SOME OF the confusion

Plant Pure Nation is a documentary on Netflix that shows how crucial health information is not disseminated to the public because of the lobbying from big business (despite research and science)

Think that your milk and cheese is from ‘happy cows’?

Cows that are happy to give their milk, grazing on the fields and gently milked are a MYTH. Click here for more info. Knowledge is power and necessary to make informed choices. Choosing to stay in the dark ignores your privilege to learn more.

What else are you worried about? Let me know!