What does it mean to be vegan? What does it mean to be whole food plant based? Why can’t I eat oil?

Why should you be concerned about our planet earth? Why care about the environment? Other beings?

Well there’s plenty of reasons why!

If you’re interested in any of these things, your mind is even the slightest bit open, or you’re just wondering if I’m maybe onto something here… don’t take my word for it- check out what the experts think! You’ll find some useful resources here for most of the topics I care about here.

If you care about the environment, check out some of these resources on sustainability, and some of these interviews.

If you are curious about your own health, understanding mixed messages on what’s healthy, and how health intersects with race, class, and privilege,  check out some of these resources and these interviews.

If you are open to the idea of extending your circles of compassion towards other beings, these resources might interest in you, as well as these interviews.

And don’t forget about these interviews with social entrepreneurs, who are changing the game by impacting all of these three areas with their innovations.