Beyond Sushi

Multiple Locations Around NYC

Beyond Sushi has been my favorite for the past few years. I love this place. Everytime I go into New York City I come here.

My best friend Sam and I got the Spicy Mang (with a tiny bit of oil, so I didn’t really eat too much of it) and La Fiesta (no oil, so I ate that). Sam also got dumplings (I’ve known her since kindergarten, and this was no surprise even though we were at a fast food vegan sushi place).

If you haven’t been here when you’re into NYC, you simply just need to go. I usually go every time I’m by Chelsea Market or the High Line, but there are a bunch of locations so there is no excuse not to go. Fresh, delicious, and affordable.

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Bagel Train & VLife NYC

150 Orange Ave. Suffern NY 10901 and 348 7th Ave. New York NY 10001

VLife NYC is a stone’s throw from Penn Station- I can’t believe I didn’t know about it last summer when I was in the city almost every second that I wasn’t doing my yoga teacher training in Jersey. I practically lived at Penn Station- commuting felt like home- and I’m still so nostalgic for trips on NJ Transit (Penn/Secaucus gave me a lot of energy when I needed it most).

This almost reminded me of a non-chain Juice Press, as it’s a tiny little vegan nook that has super interesting burgers, wraps and sandwiches, salads, smoothies, juices, and deserts—> check out the menu here.

The only time I was able to go to it was in the morning on the way back into NYC after sleeping in Mahwah at my best friends’ house, so I grabbed an everything bagel from the best bagel place to ever exist, Bagel Train in Suffern NY, which is 5 minutes down the road from my childhood home, hopped on the train, and went to VLife to grab a smoothie, and some tomatoes/mustard for the bagel.

I got a green juice which was fine but most importantly, it’s great to know there’s a vegan place right next to Penn Station. Also, there was a ridiculously good dessert (I ate for breakfast lol) that for sure had oil but was actually the best cake I’ve ever had. It’s called ‘Peanut Butter Bomb Cake’ by Vegan Treats and it was apparently voted one of the top reasons to go vegan in VegNews Magazine, and written about in Time Out NY, etc. When I was there, I think 5 or 6 people called to order it.

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Quantum Leap

266 Thompson St. Greenwich Village

I had been emailing back and forth with the owner for months after coming across this restaurant while doing restaurant research for my internship. It’s not a totally vegan place, but it’s pescetarian (with tons of vegan options). It’s a really cute little veggie burger place, and when looking at the menu, the burgers looked so good, and so affordable. 

I got a lentil walnut home-made burger with a side salad and a ginger carrot dressing. And I got to hang out with one of my best friends from Mahwah, Bianca, and one of my best friends from college, Katherine- both whose friendships were tremendously impactful/meaningful in my life but whom I had lost touch with- and now they are random roommates for Brooklyn Law School! So crazy how the world works. It was an awesome lunch and did I mention how affordable it was?! I will 10000% be going back here every time I’m in the city, in my favorite neighborhood ever.

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Multiple locations around Boston

FoMu is Boston’s famous ice cream chain, and I knew I had to try it. I had emailed or Facebook messaged them to find out if the ice cream was made with oil- they had said the base wasn’t but different toppings might have. I got a salted caramel flavor and the smores flavor (I’m going to assume the smores had some oil in it). But it was sooooo good and I’m never in Boston, so it’s okay…right??

If you’re in Boston, you absolutely need to check this out. Pretty sure most of the people who go to FoMu aren’t even vegan; everyone loves it regardless and they’re changing the way people view vegan alternatives! 


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My Thai Vegan Cafe

3 Beach Street #2

I actually found and went to this restaurant a few years when I was touring Emerson College before I was vegan (didn’t realize I was open minded to veganism back then, but I guess I was… #proud). I loved Emerson, I love the neighborhood it’s in, and I remember loving the food. Now that Dani has been living in Boston for the past four years, and now that she is vegan and so is her boyfriend, Anthony, they frequent this place ALL the time. I’m always so jealous, but assumed because of the no-oil thing, I wouldn’t be able to eat here. I was wrong! They were happy to make anything for me without oil. I got delicious chow fun noodles with vegetables and Dani got a really delicious ginger vegetable dish (which I had her ask to have no oil on it so I could grab a few bites). Both were awesome.

The service is pretty bad (in terms of you wait forever there) but apparently all the locals know that/it doesn’t stop them from going because the food is so good. You just need to have a lot of time to spend there! Also, this is a rare picture of the place almost totally empty; about five minutes after I took the picture, the place was packed (as per usual, so I’ve heard). 


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HaArba’a St. 16

This place is 100% VEGAN!!!!! This is not surprising for Tel Aviv- but I’m still stoked on it. It’s definitely a little more upscale, and though the menu/food looked amazing, they told me there was nothing they could make me without oil. I did come here a few times for drinks and was totally blown away. All of the drinks are COMPLETELY different and totally unique.

We got a:

  • House Mojito: House blend of Bacardi Captain Morgan and Zacapa, Muddled Lime Mint and Brown Sugar, Crushed Ice Bitters and Soda
  • Mule Up: Strawberry Tea infused Ketel One, Galiano, Citrus Syrup, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Crushed Ice and Ginger Beer
  • TNT: Fennel infused Tanqueray, English Peppercorns, Dehydrated Lemon, Orange and Strawberry Chips, Fever Tree Tonic
  • The 416: Hendricks Gin, St. Germain, Domaine De Canton, Muddled Cucumber, Lime Juice, Cucumber Lemongrass Syrup  
  • Metropolitan: Ketel One Citroen, Dry Curacao, Pomegranate Juice, Lime Juice, Hibiscus Syrup, Chickpea Foam (not pictured)

It kind of takes the bartender a long time because it’s one person and each drink takes a lot of effort into making it the amazing drink that it is. But go, relax, schmooze, and don’t be in a rush. The drinks are WORTH it. The TNT & 416 are definitely my favorites (but you really can’t go wrong with any of them).

There are no happy hour specials so grab a cheaper drink somewhere else, and end your night here. You won’t regret it.

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Dizengoff 116

I love this bar- the street sign in it gives it such a good feel. Everyone who works there is so nice, the appetizers/snacks are really good (edamame, etc.) and it’s in the best location: right in the heart of Dizengoff! Better alternative to across the street and well-known bar Spicehaus, which is cool but much more expensive. My amazing friend Shaked’s cousin worked there and so we would came here a few different times. I got a really good drink that I don’t remember what it’s called, but I loved this place and am counting down the months till I will hopefully be back in Israel.


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Urban Farm Fermentory

200 Anderson Street

This place is fantastic. We ordered a 5-tray of Kombucha: Toasted Oak, Ghost Chili, Ginger, Chaga Chai, & Blueberry. I never really go and buy kombucha in a bottle like at Whole Foods, but to sip and drink instead of a beer or a cocktail was really nice. Also this place was just ridiculously cool.

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Dobra Tea

89 Exchange Street

This is definitely the best tea shop I’ve ever been to. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I usually end up at coffee shops because I like the vibe. But more and more, even coffee shops that aren’t chains just end up feeling pretentious or exhausting. People are working so hard (nothing wrong with that), but the vibe at a tea shop is so much more relaxed.

I was visiting one of my best friends in Portland and we split a pitcher of Chai tea (our favorite) which came with rice milk. It was perfect, but most of all, the setting was. Such a good place to hang out for a few hours.


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