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It’s hard to pick a favorite place that I found while in Israel, but if I had to pick, I think Tevaleh would be it I found this place really early on in my trip, while walking back from the beach with a few friends. We had just watched the sunset and it was around 8:30pm when we spotted the 100% Vegan sticker on the outside of the restaurant. Checking out the menu, I started talking to Dor, the guy behind the counter, who told me that the lentil burger was homemade with no oil, and then gave my friends and I all acai bowl samples. I told him we already ate dinner (which we did) and promised we’d be back. 

I probably frequented Tevaleh most out of the places I visited while in Israel. They had a great deal for lunch: a lentil burger, a big salad, and a juice, all for 48 shek. That’s nothing. They also offered a great deal on takeaway food- and for the lentil burgers which I loved, those were 50 shek for 5 frozen burgers you could cook at home. I bought those a few times, but I also just loved eating there. The atmosphere was so nice, and the guys behind the counter were always so cute. Vegan guys, I might add. Who weren’t creepy and constantly hitting on you. Just really good looking. And really compassionate. Swoon.

Tevaleh has my heart. The people, the love, the area of Bograshov/Dizengoff. I never even got an acai bowl or smoothie… looks like I’ll have to go back.. 🙂

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Table Talk

Dizengoff St 64

On one of my first days exploring Tel Aviv, I noticed Table Talk because of how beautiful the outdoor seating was. I came back later and was treated to a meal while I got to catch up with my friend, Kailen. I ordered the ‘Bulgur Salad’ which was made up of bulgur, cranberries, pistachios, peppermint, sorrel, coriander, and spinach. It was one of the many dishes on the menu labeled as VEGAN and I asked them to make it without oil (to which the waiter asked me, “What do you have against oil?!” I have not yet gotten that response to asking if things can be made without oil and I laughed because of course in Israel they would take me not wanting olive oil personally/very seriously) and they did. It was so delicious that I came back and got it again. Also they have an amazing happy hour. Pictured here is a Mojito on the left and on the right, it’s called ‘Green Herbs’ which is gin, green chartreuse, lemon, and cucumber (one of the best drinks I’ve had). So refreshing and delicious.

The waiters are so nice, the atmosphere is amazing, and the salad with happy hour drinks is the perfect way to catch up with friends or spend an afternoon. A++++++ Recommendation: grab two Green Herb drinks for Happy Hour and head to 416 for that glorious cucumber drink!


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Teva Castle

Carlebach St 27 & Dizengoff St 101

This little health food store has great deals, great food, and overall, it’s just a nice supermarket to shop at. It’s not fully vegan but they have so many awesome vegan options. I got delicious frozen falafel (no oil) that I was able to bake while all my friends ate fried falafel.



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Little Prince Bookshop

King George St. 19

I can’t believe I only went to this adorable little bookshop on my last day in Israel. Little Prince Bookshop is a cozy bookstore with tons of books, space for reading or doing work, or socializing. There is a big menu with tons and tons of vegan options (pretty much anything can be made vegan unless it’s literally a salmon sandwich), and you can get a variety of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). I almost got a tea but it was super hot out so I ordered an Almond Rosetta with mint leaves which was yummy, which I drank while I journaled.


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Gal Hayarok (The Green Wave, Vegan Supermarket)

Located in Shuk HaCarmel 

This little 100% vegan supermarket opened up while I was in Israel this past summer. It’s located in the middle of the Shuk HaCarmel. To check out some pretty pictures and get more info about it, click here! They have your typical beans, spices, grains, etc. with a pretty amazing selection of vegan alternatives if that’s what you’re looking for. Though I wouldn’t go all the way there to get groceries since I wasn’t living close, I did go on my last day to get lots of vegan chocolate for my friends and family back home.

Efrat, who works there, was nice enough to go through all of the vegan chocolate with me, explaining which are local brands, local favorites, and ones I just couldn’t resist bringing home.

Overall, I totally support this business going in and think it’s a great thing. It’s the perfect place to stop at when you’re getting your fresh fruits and vegetables from the Shuk!

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שורשי ציון Shoreshei Tzion Raw Sprouted Crackers

Available at Grocery Stores

I found these Shoreshei Tzion crackers in the awesome organic/health food section of the supermarket I shopped at while on my 2-month program in Israel. 

There are Chia Crackers, Green Crackers, Garden Crackers, and Za’atar Onion Crackers (be aware that the Pizza Crackers are made with oil). I had the ‘Garden Crackers’ which I loved but all look amazing. Look how natural those ingredients are:

Organic Carrots, Organic Golden Flax, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Onion, Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Brown Flax, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Parsley & Organic Dill

Grab some of these with a little Salsa/Tahini mix and you’re set.

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רחמו הגדול Rachmo HaGadol

Derech Menachem Begin 98

This Hummus shop was less than a 3 minute walk from where I lived, and I didn’t try it out until my last full day in Israel. If I had any regrets in Israel…this would be it!

This place was amazing. Hidden by the construction that’s between Sarona and Begin Road, I had no idea this place even existed! It’s small and the guy who works there is SO nice. It was probably the best hummus I had in Israel, accompanied by a delicious pita and salad.

Next time I’m back, I’m going here for sure.


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Sweet Green Cafe

25 N Spruce Street, Ramsey NJ 07446

Not to be confused with the Sweet Green chain, this Sweet Green Cafe is a new, local and family-owned eatery right off Main Street in Ramsey. The family is so friendly and kind, and it’s really amazing to see a vegan restaurant open right by my hometown. I wish it was around when I was there!

The waitress was so kind and helpful in trying to accomodate me, trying to figure out any meal on the menu and how it could be changed to be made without oil. I ended up getting the cheesesteak type sandwich (without the fake cheese) which I really liked. So if you’re oil free, you can definitely eat here, but it’s certainly not the same as just eating vegan here.

I got to enjoy lunch with two of my ‘sisters’ (bestfriends of mine since I was in kindergarten!). It was so special to see them and the company made this lunch one of the best 🙂 

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Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.

25 E. 17th Street, Union Square

This place is absurdly good. I didn’t even ask about no oil but I knew I had to try it, as my non-vegan older sister who lives in New York City had been absolutely raving about it (and for her to rave about a vegan place is kind of a huuuuge deal!).

I got the ‘Crunchy Salty,’ which is banana and dark chocolate soft serve fruit, sliced bananas, crushed pretzels, dark chocolate chips, warm peanut butter and dark chocolate in a cup. It was like this place KNEW exactly what my favorite flavors/tastes/scents/weaknesses are. Peanut butter, banana, chocolate, I was in heaven. That was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted…and now I’ve got to figure out how to recreate it!

GO if you’re in NYC. This is a favorite of all- doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or not!!!


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