A few years ago, I was lucky enough to get hired to do cinematography on The Crohn’s Moans, a Kickstarter-funded documentary looking for alternative healing therapies for Crohn’s Disease. The creator and director, Ivana Bosek, saw a silly little short film I made for my Film and Buddhism class as I struggled to make peace with a diagnosis I was resistant of. My own film helped me let go of the resentment I held towards other people who understandably had no clue how to react to a sophomore in college being so sick, and it also allowed me to laugh at myself.

Filming the doc and road-tripping for five weeks was transformative in so many ways. Not only did I learn first-hand and experience on the ground filmmaking, I got to help tell and be part of a story that was so personal to me. There were interviews I broke down in, terrified for my own future, seeing those who were so sick with a disease I hadn’t even truly accepted. But for as many times as I, as a scared twenty-year old, looked at others as a mirror of my own mortality, I, as a stubborn twenty-year old, saw moments of inspiration and possibilities when one uses their own self-efficacy to take their health into their own hands.

Interviewing others about their experience allowed me to learn about others as well as myself, and I developed a passion for sharing the education and information I was lucky enough to learn with other people.

The idea to start interviewing doctors came out of the research I started doing this summer when I thought I’d be applying for a Fulbright/National Geographic scholarship. After contacting multiple doctors from around the world, with people agreeing to talk to me, I realized that I wanted to talk to so many more people than doctors, I wanted to talk to environmental leaders and social entrepreneurs and I didn’t want to just stick to people from three countries. I also realized that my time would be better spent working towards a MPH degree- but with all of these people willing to talk to me, and me dying to learn from them, I figured, why not interview them for a blog, especially since I care so deeply about communicating the incredible work (and usually lesser known) work of others.

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to talk to some of my personal heroes and those who are making a difference for the world in such incredible ways. I hope that some of these interviews expand your mind, and who knows, maybe even change your life. There have been weirder things.

Just ’cause college ended, the learning doesn’t have to stop, right?