Veggie Heaven

473 Cedar Ln, Teaneck NJ 07666 and 631 Valley Rd, Montclair NJ 07043

 Veggie Heaven is probably the best vegan restaurant to grace the state of New Jersey. Luckily, this is the one place I found before moving out of New Jersey, and I frequent it every time (or I should say, multiple times) I visit.

It’s not just a Chinese food. It’s 100% vegan Chinese food. And it’s also 100% vegan Chinese food with no artificial preservatives, flavorings, MSG (the additive that makes you feel really crappy and tired after you typically eat Chinese food).

When you first get there, they give you little dishes of cabbage with vinegar that is absurdly good and refreshing- though I might be the only person who is as obsessed with it as I am (everyone I’m with usually eats it but I devour it). Then, they bring out a pitcher of tea I usually get no oil steamed vegetables with brown rice and garlic sauce (since the sauce has no oil), but the other time I was able to get chow fun with no oil which was great.

Some of the waiters are so kind and nice, but some of them have serious attitudes. The food is worth it, but just be prepared.

Love this place, though, and almost all non-vegans really enjoy it too! Go, bring your friends, bring your fam!

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Sweet Green Cafe

25 N Spruce Street, Ramsey NJ 07446

Not to be confused with the Sweet Green chain, this Sweet Green Cafe is a new, local and family-owned eatery right off Main Street in Ramsey. The family is so friendly and kind, and it’s really amazing to see a vegan restaurant open right by my hometown. I wish it was around when I was there!

The waitress was so kind and helpful in trying to accomodate me, trying to figure out any meal on the menu and how it could be changed to be made without oil. I ended up getting the cheesesteak type sandwich (without the fake cheese) which I really liked. So if you’re oil free, you can definitely eat here, but it’s certainly not the same as just eating vegan here.

I got to enjoy lunch with two of my ‘sisters’ (bestfriends of mine since I was in kindergarten!). It was so special to see them and the company made this lunch one of the best 🙂 

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