Can be found almost anywhere in Israel

Delicious, few ingredients, and only between 8 and 12 shek. Flavors like mexican chocolate, banana date, and peanut butter banana stood out to me as being ‘Jessie’ flavors 🙂 But there are lots of fruity ones for everyone else 😉

*(Click on the pic to see the whole sign)


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שורשי ציון Shoreshei Tzion Raw Sprouted Crackers

Available at Grocery Stores

I found these Shoreshei Tzion crackers in the awesome organic/health food section of the supermarket I shopped at while on my 2-month program in Israel. 

There are Chia Crackers, Green Crackers, Garden Crackers, and Za’atar Onion Crackers (be aware that the Pizza Crackers are made with oil). I had the ‘Garden Crackers’ which I loved but all look amazing. Look how natural those ingredients are:

Organic Carrots, Organic Golden Flax, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Onion, Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Brown Flax, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Parsley & Organic Dill

Grab some of these with a little Salsa/Tahini mix and you’re set.

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Mauna, Mitzpe Ramon

Mauna, 4 Ben Gurion Street, Mitzpe Ramon

This cozy little 100% vegan cafe and health store is perfect.

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu! I always got the pre-made sandwich, which I’m not sure is on the menu because it was the only thing that could be made without oil. It had olive paste on it (crushed olives, not olive oil) and delicious veggies on an awesome brea. I also got the Banana Dates smoothie which was delicious. A bunch of us from my Israelinks trip came a few times here- even people who weren’t vegan because the food was so damn good. I love Mitzpe and want to get there anyway- the stars are amazing, and the crater is seriously beautiful and it’s great to get out of the city and head to the desert, but I’d be lying if I said this cafe wasn’t a huge part of the reason I wanna go back!

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Jerusalem Central Bus Station

Jerusalem Central Bus Station

I wish I had more information to offer (no name of the place, no pic, but I’m tryin’ here!)

On Thursday 7/27, all 1,500 Onward Israel participants came together at Jerusalem Convention Center for a career and networking day of aspiration, inspiration, and action. It was super inspiring and fantastic, and since it was an all day event, they fed us. Even though my madricha told them about how I can’t have oil, they forgot to make anything without oil because of how many people there were. So many vegan options, but I knew I’d get super sick if I ate anything. At first, I was pretty sad, since the food looked awesome, but when she told me she would take me to the Central Bus Station to get food, the mood definitely picked up as I was sure I would find hummus.

She didn’t think we’d find it there, but I said, let’s just take a look (knowing if I couldn’t get hummus, I probably would be drinking a smoothie which would not sustain me for the day). On the second floor to our right, we found a schwarma place which had hummus! And, their hummus had no oil in it! She told me it was likely cold and not fresh, but I figured, something is better than nothing.

The cherry on top- I was thrilled to find out it was fresh AND warm. SOOOOO good! If you’re ever in Jerusalem and need a quick bite (and don’t have time to go to one of the many amazing restaurants in the city) hit it up! There was chickpeas on top too, and warm pitas came with it of course.

I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t have my camera, so here’s a pic of the Central Bus Station.

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Ha’Agas 1, Eilyahu Ya’acov Banai Street 11 (at Mahane Yehuda)

As my trip had a day in Jerusalem, I had heard there was good hummus in the shuk. The first place that was recommended to me was unsure if there was oil in their hummus. Not only was I a little taken aback by that (we’re in Israel, not America- where no one knows what the hell is in the food they’re serving or eating), but I knew that I wanted a place that made their hummus fresh and knew exactly what was in it- not just for health concern but for quality hummus (oh God, am I becoming a hummus snob?). My awesome madricha (counselor) Shaked recommended a vegan friendly hummus place, and I am so glad she did!

Though the service was pretty poor and the guy who helped me was  really rude to me (I knew the place was vegetarian but couldn’t tell if it was vegan, and since there was no vegan menu I wanted to make sure the dips he was giving me for my hummus weren’t dairy and had no oil and he refused to answer my question and told me I could either eat there or leave) I still really enjoyed the hummus. It was delicious, extremely fresh, had really great chickpeas on top, and a spicy green kind of salsa that added a lot to it. The pitas were warm and delicious too. I would definitely go back if I was in the shuk.


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Gela & Vegan Ice Cream

Gela, Rehov Mahane Yehuda

100% vegan ice cream. Yeah I said it.

This place also doubles as a coffee shop, sells ice cream floats, and chocolate.

I’ll reluctantly admit this picture is from the Gela in Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem, but the one in Florentin in Tel Aviv is perfect. Best ice cream I’ve had here: Snickers.

Can you imagine the dissapointment when after so much vegan Soy Caramel Cookies ice cream aka Lotus ice cream I realized there was oil in it? I emailed Cookeez to ask, who confirmed no oil, and the nicest people at Golda by Abraham told me the same. As did the people at Anita in Sarona. Well yes they don’t add oil, but they add Lotus cookies which are full of oil. For some reason, it doesn’t bother me when I eat it- maybe because there is so little in it. I ate so much ice cream when I first got here- bugging out that ice cream was made without oil. Of course, I know it can be done, since my favorite ice cream in Los Angeles, Yoga-Urt, does almost every flavor (minus maybe one) without oil. Still, Israel does as well, except when they add the cookies in.

Sorbet can be found almost anywhere: the most delicious one being banana date (totally oil free and awesome). But nothing compares to creamy ice cream that isn’t sorbet.

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